Sunday, March 23, 2008

The best baby gift ever- Thank you Grandma Christensen

We received the best baby gift ever. You may think it is kind of late, but I have been anxiously waiting for this gift. While I was pregnant, my MIL-Michele said for a baby gift she would like to give us a book of Colter's life from birth to blessing. Well on Monday the 17th, she delivered the best gift ever. She did a fantastic job. Thanks for all your time you put into it. I love the fact that I didn't have to do it, besides, she did a much better job than I would have. We all love it! Thanks for being the greatest.

Dane's First Football Season

Dane had a huge cheering section at his 2nd football game. It is so fun to watch him. He has been playing quarterback and running back. Since he has older brothers, he is quite savvy on the game and is having a blast. Thanks to Ryland, Marlee and Miranda for the poster.

Training Wheels - DONE

I have been thinking for a few weeks now, we should take the training wheels off Bryson's bike and teach him how to ride it. It was perfect becuase the Quackenbush's came over on Tuesday, March 18th and Carter brought his bike which has not training wheels. This was great, I could teach Bryson on his bike and if he didn't catch on quick, then atleast his training wheels were not off his bike. The first time he started off, he rode down about 1/2 the drive way. It was a matter of a few minutes and he was off, a big boy- NO MORE TRAINING WHEELS. He is so proud of himself. Since then all he has wanted to do was ride his bike. It has driven me a little crazy because he couldn't take off by himself. After helping him several times yesterday, I told him no more for a while. Well, the little determined boy decided he could do it by himself. He came running in to let me know he could take off all by himself. Way to go Bryson- he is just over 3 and our youngest to learn!!

Easter Pageant

I know this is not good to acknowledge, but we don't actually go to the Easter Pageant every year, but this year it was great weather & we decided to go. (I guess it was I, since Cannon was in Cali with his brother taking in the PAC 10 basketball tournament.) We started out last Monday March 10th, going w/the Quackenbush's to the Visitor's Center to watch the Reflections of Christ Video and see the actual photos. This was a wonderful video and the photograph's are amazing. We took all 9 boys to Charleston's for dinner around 8pm. We had to make sure it wasn't too crowded before we decided we could do 9 boys at a nice restaurant. It worked out great and my boys all devoured the ribs, just like there dad.
Then Wednesday night, my family was going to the Easter Pageant with Grandma Mae, so I decided with Cannon out of town, it was a good thing to do and with the great weather. It was a great evening. The whole day was a busy one, but what a great way to end the day. The pageant was of course wonderful. They changed a few things like they usually do, but I have to say hitting the Visitor's Center & then the Easter Pageant in 3 days was wonderful!

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Spring Break - Fun in the SUN!!

Well yesterday was the start of our 2 1/2 weeks of Spring Break. I love when the kids don't have school. That means no schedule! The weather is great right now. Yesterday Dane & Cooper went to Grandma's to spend a hour, which ended up being all day. They had fun with Grandma & ended up jumping in her freezing cold pool. So, grandma made them hot cocoa, with unlimited amounts of whipping cream, which equates to happy boys and a darling picture. Today we did the skate park with the Loves and everyone had a good time. It was sunny and thus Colter's first Sunburn. I thought I was doing a good job of keeping him out of the sun, but I guess not that good. Luckily it is a pretty mild one, unlike Dad's a few weeks ago. Tomorrow we are going SWIMMING. Yes, that is right. It is suppose to be 84 degrees and the pool is heated. Sounds fun except for putting this body back into a swimsuit. Scary!

Spring Training Game with Grandpa & Grandma

Grandma & Grandpa love to spoil the Grandkids.

For the past few years they have taken the "school age" grandkids to a D-Backs Spring Training Game in Tuscon.

This was a special year. As they entered the game they asked Ryland to be the ball boy for the game. What a thrill and a once in a lifetime experience. He was on the field the whole game with the players and coaches. He sat right next to the dug out and got the balls. They upgraded everyone else's tickets to right up front, so they could see Ryland the whole time.

The kids love it. They get to miss school, eat anything they want at Cracker Barrel and just have a fun day. Thanks Grandma & Grandpa for the the chance of a lifetime. What a super day!

Jenny & Mike - We Love You!

A couple of weeks ago we had Jenny & Mike over for dinner. We love all love them. Cooper has always had a secret (ok, not so secret) crush on Jenny. We meet Jenny thru Grandma & Grandpa when she was in their singles ward. She fell in love with Mike & they are now married. Jenny has babysat a few times for us when we have been out of town and now we can't wait to have them both stay with the boys when we head out of town for a weekend. The boys love to play ball downstairs with Mike. They are the greatest, we just wish we could see them more.
Jenny always has the cutest toenails. Last Friday she took me to her salon in Tempe. It is only 1 mile from my parents & they have over 200 designs to choose from and are cheap on top of that. Thanks Jenny- that was fun!

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Colter is 3 months old TODAY

I can't believe that 3 months has already gone by. Time goes by too fast. I never thought of myself as loving the baby stage, but it makes me kind of sad knowing that this will be my last baby and he is growing so fast. I love to see him smile each time he is fed and when his brothers smile at him. When can even get him to giggle a little when we really get him going. I love to hear him cooing. He definitely is not my best sleeping baby, but oh well, I guess we will spoil him since he is the last. Most nights he spends sleeping in one of my arms, just so I can get some sleep. I am too tired to fight him. It took him about 2 months to finally start growing, and get past his birth weight, but now we are really noticing changes in him. I will post his stats later as I can't remember them.

Sunday, March 2, 2008

What are home teachers for?

Rand & his son David Pratt have been our home teachers since we moved in. They have been faithful each month & my boys are obsessed with David's spikey hair and how he does it. Today they came and taught us about Enos and then David became our hairstylist. It was fun watching David do their hair (you were a good sport) and watch how excited my boys were. Dane has been saying the last few weeks when he does his own hair, that he wants it spikey like David's. Well today it was done. Thanks for being wonderful home teachers and for the SPIKEY hair!

Saturday, March 1, 2008

Dane's Basketball Moment

Dane got to play in his first official basketball game - well kind of. See we told our boys they could be on sports teams once they turned 5. Dane actually did play soccer in the fall, but then we were late signing the boys up for basketball, so we decided Dane could wait until next time. He is such an easy going, good kid, he didn't even complain when Cooper & Ry started their season. Then came the game when Cooper's team didn't have enough players to substitute in, so Cooper's coaches told Dane to put on Ry's jersey (too big, but same colors as Coopers) and he would get to play. He was alittle timid at first, and then decided to soak up the fun. Jack Forese was so good to him. He really wanted Dane to make a basket, so he did all he could to keep passing Dane the ball. Dane had a big smile on his face and was happy to be on the team even if it was for just one day. Thanks Coach Tom, Colby and Jason!!

Riggs Roadrunners RUNNING CLUB

The season is over. I have loved my boys running twice a week as back in October they joined the Riggs Roadrunner's running club. They had to be there at 7:15 am Mondays and Wednesdays and that came pretty early when it was dark and cold outside. Even harder once we had little Colter and had less sleep at night. Ryland & Cooper were still committed and wanted to go everytime. They had 3 different races. They just had their last race a couple of weeks ago. Neither one of them placed in the first race. There was about 3-5 different elementary schools that participated in each race and then they would give out ribbons for each grade (boys & girls), first thru fifth place. The second race Cooper placed 5th & Ryland placed 4th. They were so happy. Then the last race Cooper placed 4th. What a great season. I am so proud of them. I am not a runner myself, but what a great thing for these kids to do. Way to go Boys. We sure are proud of you.