Thursday, February 28, 2008

First Snowboarding Trip

Cannon decided with all the snow this year, it would be great for our boys to start learning how to snowboard. They went up to Snowbowl in Flagstaff leaving our house at 5:30am. Dad, Ry, Coop and Dane were off to try this out. I stayed home with Colter & Bryson (we had a great day of shopping). Cannon really wanted me to go, but I told him this is the last year we would have a baby, and I would be good to go for the next 50+ years.
They boys had a great time. Dane & Cooper were in school together all day. They loved their instructor Brent. At 3pm, they finally got to try it out with Dad & Ry. They made it about 1/2 down the hill and they were DONE!! Snowboarding had taken a toll on them after all day. Ryland was in class 1/2 day and then got to join his dad on the slopes. Dad decided to stick with the skiing, and not try out the snowboarding thing. It was a gorgeous day. They sun was shining brightly, and Cannon's face proves it. (I will have to add picture later). I have seen him with a sun burn many times, but never this bad. His face is already blistering. Luckily the boys instructors put block on them, so they made out ok. All in all, it was a fun day of becoming snowboarding boys.

Thursday, February 7, 2008

Colter's Blessing

Sunday February 3rd was a special day. Cannon gave Colter the most beautiful blessing. I may be alittle biased, but so many people told me what a beautiful blessing it was. I am grateful for my loving husband who lives so close to the spirit. He is such a great example to me and for our boys. Colter was looked handsome and didn't make a peep during the blessing. We had lots of family there, I guess everyone but Sid & Anna. It was extra neat because Grandma Mae was there and it was her first Baby blessing the hear. She has always been in Idaho, but since she is staying with mom & dad, she has was here when he was born. Also Grandma Larsen and her daughter Amy and granddaughter Drew were able to come. We appreciate all the family support. We had a luncheon after, so we enjoyed having everyone to our home.

Our whole sacrament meeting was so neat. With the passing of President Hinckley, it was a busy testimony meeting. We had so many wonderful youth in our ward bear their testimonies. I feel so blessed to live in this ward among so many wonderful people. The youth are so valiant and are great examples to my boys. I hope and pray that my kids continue to have wonderful friends who encourage them to make good choices and serve a full time mission.

President Hinckley's passing/ New Prophet - President Monson

Cannon called on his way home from a church meeting Sunday night, January 27th and told me that our Prophet President Hinckley had passed away. I knew this day would have to come sometime becuase he was 97 yrs old, but I was shocked becuase I had not heard that he had been down at all. I was sadded to not be able to hear his sweet words and counsel anymore, but was so happy that he was reunited with his wife whom he had missed and talked about often since her passing. Cannon wanted to have a family prayer together, so I got the boys out of bed (not asleep yet, just working on it) and waited for Cannon to get home. We told the kids of the news. Ryland started to cry. He is so tenderhearted. We had a special family prayer that evening. I am so thankful for a wise and wonderful husband who leads our family and is such a good example to all of us. We will miss President Hinckley, but he served all of us for over 70 years and is now back with Heavenly Father, Jesus Christ and his family. What a neat reunion he had!

On Monday morning Feb.10th, I was home with the kids and able to watch the news conference announcing Pres. Monson as the new Prophet. Pres. Eyring & Pres. Uchtdorf
are his counselors. It was neat to watch our new Prophet speak. I had watched him just days earlier conduct Pres. Hinckley's funeral, yet today he looked like our new Prophet, he looked different than a few days prior. He now has that mantle placed on him and I look forward to April Conference to hear from him as our newest Prophet. He is such a wonderful man. For family home evening, I had the boys watch part of the news conference. I told them this would be their Prophet, the one they would remember during their teenage years if he remains healthy.