Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Crazy Sleepers

I love this precious picture. After a long day at the beach, this is how I found my oldest & youngest.

This is Carter and Bryson. They started in the bed and in the morning this is how I found them on the floor.

My kids crack me up. They love to sleep together, not sure why we need so many bedrooms. After being in California for a week in a 2 bed/2 bathroom condo, we decided that was all we needed. Here are some random pictures I took becuase when I find them in an crazy positions I laugh and take a picture.

Dane is 6

Dane's birthday always falls around Labor Day which means our family is in San Diego for the week. Last year we skipped his friend b-day party, but this year he would not let us forget so easily. We only do friend parties ever other year, so this was his first friend party with lots of friends. He wanted a football party and swimming, which meant easy for Mom & Dad. One of his friends Finn Helser's mom is great at making cakes. They wanted to give Dane his b-day cake for his present. Great for me. It just so happened that the Sunday before his party the Helser's were teaching Dane's Primary class and asked each kid what they would take if they had to leave immediately into the wilderness like Lehi and his family. Dane's answer was playstation, thus the exact replica of the playstation controller. It was an awesome cake. I think the Helser's need invited to all my kids party. They do have 4 boys after all. Dane has a great group of friends and all think all had a good time. A huge storm rolled in at the very end of the party, so we lucked out.

6 things I love about Dane

1- Always does his chores without complaining and always willing to help his
brothers get their chores done so they can play together

2- His bright Blue Eyes.

3- Awesome football players

4- loves to lay in my bed with my furry long body pillow and of course next to me

5- Very Obedient

6- Loves to have things perfect: homework perfect, bed made perfect

I love this kid. He is such a good example to all of us.

Monday, September 22, 2008

Carter and Bryson, Babysitters????

Carter & Bryson love Colter. They are VERY helpful with him. This particular day they got him to sleep on the floor in our bedroom. That doesn't happen very often. I ran to get my camera and by the time I got back, they already thought he had slept too long and woke him up (making Colter very sad). Carter and Bryson are best buddies and have a ton of fun together.

Just like Dad's Farm Days

Cannon grew up on a farm in Idaho until he was 13. He drove tractor and helped with the potato farm all the time. Our backyard has a few trees but mostly weeds. Each week the kids are assigned to pick several hundred weeds. This is not their favorite job, but they do it any way. The Hilderbrands got their dad's tractor so they let us borrow it to take care of the weeds. The kids definitely like this way of getting rid of the weeds rather than using their hands.

Ry driving the tractor.

Cooper at age 7 even got a chance to drive the tractor. Cannon does not think this is too younger because he started driving tractor on the farm when he was 4.

Back to School

Bryson started Preschool with Mrs. Dieu. He loves being "BIG" like his older brothers going to school.

Dane: Kindergaten with Ms. Dupper

Cooper: 2nd Grade with Mrs. Hegabush

Ryland: 5th Grade with Mrs. Weiand

Ok, so I am way behind on my post. The boys all have fantastic teachers and are doing great. In fact, this Friday is already the end of the first quarter and they will have off over 2 weeks for fall break.

Friday, August 15, 2008

Gunner & Brigg in AZ

Anna had little baby Kate in July, so Brigg & Gunner were able to come to AZ for almost a week. They stayed with different cousins and we were lucky to have them for a few days. It rained really hard and the greenbelt filled up, so they went down for some fun! I decided to join them and had fun tackling everyone in the water. Also the Clausens had given up a giftcard for bowling at Christmas that we hadn't used, so we decided to go have fun bowling with the cousins!

MOO** Free Chick-Fil-A Day** MOO

If something is free or cheap, nothing is too embarrassing. Chick-fil-a had a dress up as a cow and get a free combo meal. Who could pass that up? This is the group who all mooooed into Chick-fil-a for free Combos. I have to say we looked pretty good. We were a huge group and Chick-fil-a loved us. The place was packed for lunch but not too many people dressed as cows. The all had to pay for their lunch. With a group like our's this was a GREAT deal. My friend Jen and her boys were just coming by to hang out and got stuck doing this. We had our almost our cousins including Brigg & Gunner from Las Vegas. All the kids loved it and who doesn't love something for free.

Gage, Braiden, Tatum, Cooper, Dane & Gunner

Daniel, Bryson, Brigg & Erin

Ry, Marlee, Miranda & Clarissa