Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Dane is 6

Dane's birthday always falls around Labor Day which means our family is in San Diego for the week. Last year we skipped his friend b-day party, but this year he would not let us forget so easily. We only do friend parties ever other year, so this was his first friend party with lots of friends. He wanted a football party and swimming, which meant easy for Mom & Dad. One of his friends Finn Helser's mom is great at making cakes. They wanted to give Dane his b-day cake for his present. Great for me. It just so happened that the Sunday before his party the Helser's were teaching Dane's Primary class and asked each kid what they would take if they had to leave immediately into the wilderness like Lehi and his family. Dane's answer was playstation, thus the exact replica of the playstation controller. It was an awesome cake. I think the Helser's need invited to all my kids party. They do have 4 boys after all. Dane has a great group of friends and all think all had a good time. A huge storm rolled in at the very end of the party, so we lucked out.

6 things I love about Dane

1- Always does his chores without complaining and always willing to help his
brothers get their chores done so they can play together

2- His bright Blue Eyes.

3- Awesome football players

4- loves to lay in my bed with my furry long body pillow and of course next to me

5- Very Obedient

6- Loves to have things perfect: homework perfect, bed made perfect

I love this kid. He is such a good example to all of us.


Magnificent Myers said...

We love him too! Tiff that IS a cute cake. Nice to have a friend like that! We love your family. Can't wait to see you all at Christmas.

Vonda said...

That makes me so happy to see that the magnificent myers are still using the SAWEEEET beach picture! Thanks for the fun night - love getting together with you two.