Friday, May 23, 2008

Can our baby really be crawling?

Last Sunday (May 18th) we put the boys to bed and Cannon & I were just hanging out with Colter. Cannon set Colter down and came into the kitchen. A few minutes later and went to see Colter on the other side of the family room. I asked Cannon if he set Colter all the way over here. He said "No" and we were shocked to realize he got there all by himself. We went to get the video and this is what we saw. He had a blast chasing this empty water bottle that he just never could quite get a hold of. We love this little guy, 5 months old and crawling, times goes too fast.

Saturday, May 17, 2008

Mother's day = Wonderful Husband = Lake Tahoe

Reno Nevada Temple

I am one lucky lady! I have the best husband and kids. For Mother's Day, Cannon gave me a trip to Lake Tahoe. He had it all planned out & even had the babysitting all arrange. We left the day after Mother's day, May 12 and came home late on the 14th. It was a much needed little vacation for just the two of us. My mom kept Colter & Bryson and Cannon's mom kept the older kids, so they could go to school. The weather was perfect and that country is beautiful. The ski resort called Heavenly is there & I definately know why they call it that. This whole place is Heavenly. We biked, hiked and swam (not in Lake Tahoe, way to cold), but our hotel had the nicest indoor pool we have ever seen. It was such a relaxing and fun vacation. We ate at one of the top 10 Steakhouses in the country called Ciera. It was delicious and very romantic. We had our own booth with a curtain surrounding the whole table. Thanks to our parents for keeping the kids. Thanks to my wonderful husband for planning such a wonderful few days away. I love you so much and love vacationing with you!!

P.S. Sorry for the cloudy spot on all the pictures. We are bummed that they are there, but we discovered that the lens had Bryson (our boys who loves to play with the camera) fingerprints all over it.

Monster Trucks

The boys were thrilled. They had just finished their piano recital when Cannon got a call from The Gutts asking if we wanted 8 tickets to the Monster Truck show. Well with 5 boys, who could pass that up. So the whole family went from Piano Recital directly to Monster Trucks. We were a little over dressed, but we had the Goodyear Suite pretty much to ourselves, so it was great. Ryland invited Cade and Coop took Casen. Everyone had a great time. We didn't get great pictures but here is one from the night.

First Piano Recital

It took us awhile to get our boys taking piano because of one minor thing- we had no piano. We finally took care of that last summer and they starting taking lessons in Sept. Their teacher is in our ward, Diana Brown. She has done a great job working with them and they are doing great. We are so proud of them. Needless to say, after much practice and many lessons they had their first recital on April 26th. Here are a few pictures. Way to go Cooper & Ryland!!!