Sunday, April 6, 2008

Funny "Floyd" & Conference

Funny "Floyd" getting us to laugh again. We were in the middle of watching the morning session, when Cooper comes walking in wearing his church clothes. He KNOWS he is quite the funny guy.

Conference weekend is always fantastic. We loves being inspired by our Prophet and General Authorities. So far is has been great and we look forward to the last session today. This is baby Colter enjoying conference. (Actually mom & dad enjoying it with him asleep!)

The Conference pack that got sent around the internet has been wonderful. The boys have been enjoying it, but mainly Dane. This is Dad and Dane working on the word search. We love being able to hang out together, relaxed as a family, listening to the words of our Prophet.

Bryson- The Camera Man

Bryson Loves getting his pictures taken. I had to take this because I was cracking up when I saw that he put his chair on top of mine. The weather in AZ has been great lately. A little warm during the day, but we have spent several late afternoons outside on the lawn watching the kids ride bikes and enjoying an AZ Spring.

Bryson working on his camera skills. Sometimes he gets everyone in the shot and sometimes not!

Bryson loves getting his pictures taken and LOVES even more to use the camera & take pictures. It seems like I am always trying to take away the camera so it stays in one piece and does not get broken. I even gave him one of my old camera's with film, but after the flash going off several times and being dropped even more, it is now broken. Who knows, we may actually have a professional photographer in the family someday!

Friday, April 4, 2008

April Fool's Day

We have known we wanted to play this April Fool's joke on the Simonton's for almost a year. Yeah, the day was finally here. My friend Michelle Rigby found a rooster for me and one for her. She played this joke on her neighbor (The Loves') a few years ago. She wanted to do it again to someone. I met her at 10:15 Monday night (March 31st) to get the Rooster. I didn't want to touch the thing so she was nice enough to put it in the dog kennel for me. Then about 11:15 Cannon took it over to Simonton's patio so it would be right by their bedroom window. Well it worked, 4:45 on April Fool's day the rooster started Cock-a-doodle-dooing. Yes, we got awakened too, but it was well worth it. They were good sports and just started laughing. Tom Forese got word on this, so he wanted the Rooster. He played the trick on several people that night & had fun with it. Unfortunately about midnight, he decided to return the rooster to us and placed it by the boys window. It did not wake me up, but did wake up Ryland at 5:45 am the next morning. Ryland said let's take it to someones house. At this point I was actually feeling sorry for the Rooster being dropped off everywhere, but it had to make one last stop at the Forese's house. It woke them about 6:45 am and they started laughing. We all had fun with the Rooster. Kirk Williams now has decided he wants to keep it, lucky Shari. Now we will just have to see what next April Fool's day brings!!!

Proud Turtle Owners

The boys have been wanting some kind of pet for awhile. Austin & Ryland were working on making a dog house, really hoping that their parents would cave in and get them a dog. No luck, so they quit making the dog house. Our cousins and friends the Loves, got 4 turtles. Our boys decided this would be great. Both parents agreed since they are low maintenance. Dave Love was able to get us 3 turtles for free from his friend. So here they are- Squirt(Ry's), Rose(Coop's), & I am not sure what Simonton's named their turtle. The kids made the turtles home out of whatever supplies they could find around. They did a good job.


We had Easter at Grandma & Grandpa Myers house since they were gone the last 2 Easter's serving their mission in Colorado. We had a yummy dinner & fun Easter Egg hunt. Grandpa hid an egg up on the hill for the parents to find but it was dark and hidden well. After a few hints, Clarissa found it and inside was a note for dinner with mom & dad. The kids all got money and candy. It was fun to spend time with the family and especially have Grandma Mae here. We have had a lot of first with her here the last few months as they never came to visit very often when we were growing up.