Friday, August 15, 2008

Gunner & Brigg in AZ

Anna had little baby Kate in July, so Brigg & Gunner were able to come to AZ for almost a week. They stayed with different cousins and we were lucky to have them for a few days. It rained really hard and the greenbelt filled up, so they went down for some fun! I decided to join them and had fun tackling everyone in the water. Also the Clausens had given up a giftcard for bowling at Christmas that we hadn't used, so we decided to go have fun bowling with the cousins!


kasi said...

Thanks for telling me about your blog! It's so fun. I love seeing all your cute pics and reading about your fun family. You all look great!

Melissa said...

Good times. You have got to LOVE the rain in AZ.
Oh how I love that you will go to any length to get a deal. You are the greatest! Dressing up in cow costumes takes the cake. Just keep me on the list of those to call cuz I am always up for the bargains my friend. :)