Friday, August 15, 2008

MOO** Free Chick-Fil-A Day** MOO

If something is free or cheap, nothing is too embarrassing. Chick-fil-a had a dress up as a cow and get a free combo meal. Who could pass that up? This is the group who all mooooed into Chick-fil-a for free Combos. I have to say we looked pretty good. We were a huge group and Chick-fil-a loved us. The place was packed for lunch but not too many people dressed as cows. The all had to pay for their lunch. With a group like our's this was a GREAT deal. My friend Jen and her boys were just coming by to hang out and got stuck doing this. We had our almost our cousins including Brigg & Gunner from Las Vegas. All the kids loved it and who doesn't love something for free.

Gage, Braiden, Tatum, Cooper, Dane & Gunner

Daniel, Bryson, Brigg & Erin

Ry, Marlee, Miranda & Clarissa


vimahi said...

Looks like fun!! How is Jen? Does she have a blog. You guys have done tons of fun things this summer - - You've got such cute boys!!

Marcie said...

I would dress as a cow every day of the week if it meant free Chick-fil-a.

Clarissa and Brad said...

Good memoooories!