Monday, September 22, 2008

Just like Dad's Farm Days

Cannon grew up on a farm in Idaho until he was 13. He drove tractor and helped with the potato farm all the time. Our backyard has a few trees but mostly weeds. Each week the kids are assigned to pick several hundred weeds. This is not their favorite job, but they do it any way. The Hilderbrands got their dad's tractor so they let us borrow it to take care of the weeds. The kids definitely like this way of getting rid of the weeds rather than using their hands.

Ry driving the tractor.

Cooper at age 7 even got a chance to drive the tractor. Cannon does not think this is too younger because he started driving tractor on the farm when he was 4.

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jen said...

Those nice Hilderbrands! Cute boys on the first day of school, and let me know what Bryson charges for babysitting, Cole needs a sitter every so often!